Blogging samples


I have several blogs: Pulp Visionaries, Flying Pony Studios, and on this site. I write regularly about science fiction, book reviews, tools of the artist’s trade, art & design, and pop culture.

I’ve also been a featured contributor on the Niume collaborative blogging site.
Here’s a very incomplete list of blog articles:

“Retro-Futurism and Supersonic Pulp Artists,” June 24, 2016

“Fairy Tale For A Modern Woman,” April 4, 2016

“#SOCIALMEDIUM at the Frye Museum in Seattle,” November 8, 2014

“Did You Know…Who Was Father Goose?”  August 30, 2013

“Why Coloring Books?” September 20 2011

“Step-By-Step Inktense/Neocolor II Painting: ‘Chickadee’,”  July 28, 2011

“Seven (7) Reasons Why Crayons Make Great Art Tools,” July, 6 2011

“Color Mapping Shine,” January 25 2011

“Masterful Color,” January 23 2011

“Great Workshop at Daniel Smith’s,” November 13, 2010

“Shock and Awe,” July 16, 2010

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