I help people write about things that are important to them.

Community Writer: My Part in Building a Better World

Our world is one big community. At least it should be. Let’s imagine that it is, just for a moment. In this hypothetical world everyone uses their best talents to earn their bread. People are happy and come up with creative new ideas centered around their skills. And no one laughs because your talents aren’t the same as theirs. In fact, it’s encouraged. All this makes for a happy world.

Is this an impossible dream? I don’t think so. I think we can create it, even if the odds are stacked against us. The key is knowing what you’re best at.

So what’s you’re best talent?

Mine’s writing.

I learned to write at my mother’s knee (she was an editor, writer, and book packager) and I use my skills to help people get their ideas across. Although I can write almost anything, there are some topics I know pretty well: professional massage, alternative health and healing, Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbs, gardening, pulp science fiction, fine art, and, of course, writing.

My first published article came out in 1985 and was about the tragedy of female infanticide in China.
Geraldine Ferraro was running for president that year. Can you imagine? Those were big days for a bright-eyed young thing working at a woman’s policy organization in Washington D.C..

Fast forward a lot of years.

I am now comfortably middle-aged and my eyes aren’t quite so bright, but they are a great deal wiser. Over the years I’ve interviewed a lot of people and I understand that passion takes many forms, and all are valid. Far too often, people get bogged down trying to write about things that are important to them. They end up with something bland, generic, or nothing at all. I can help you write about the things that are important to you.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Writeblog posts, articles, white papers, books, and book blurbs.
  • Copywriting – for more information about my copywriting services go here.
  • Curriculum Development, training guides, & tutorials – I can write your course materials for you. I’ve had years of experience doing this for all levels and types of classes and workshops.
  • Writing Coaching — NaNoWriMo help a specialty.
  • Other Writing and Editorial Needs – contact me

Some people have big project budgets while other’s wallets are pretty thin. I hope you’ll reach out with your questions, regardless. Contact me at (206) 852-4999 or

P.S. Just for fun: here are some article ideas I have in the hopper. If any of these inspire you, they can be modified to fit your needs. (Kind of like buying an outfit off the rack.)

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