I can do your writing for you!


$150 for 500-750 words

$200 for 750-1000 words

$300 for 1000- 1500 words

Each blog post comes with optimized images for social media and click-to-tweet soundbites to increase the share-ability of the post (if required). Posts are also promoted on my personal social media networks.

Blogging Packages

I offer blogging packages if you’d like me to write more than one post for you. The packages include a price per discount as seen below.

Short Order Package: 500-750 words ($150 per post)

5 blog posts – $700 (you save $50)

10 blog posts – $1400 (you save $100)

Tall Order Package:  750-1000 words ($200 per post)

5 blog posts – $900 (you save $100)

10 blog posts – $1800 (you save $200)

Grande Order Package: 1000-1500 words ($300 per post)

5 blog posts – $1300 (you save $200)

10 blog posts – $2700 (you save $300)

Note: All packages and single rates include two free edits after which an additional half price will be charged for rewrites and a quarter for edits.

Other Writing Services:

  • Copywriting – For more information about my copywriting services go here.
  • Curriculum Development, training guides, & tutorials – I can write your course materials for you. I’ve had years of experience doing this for all levels and types of classes and workshops.
  • Ghostwriting – Do you have a great idea for an eBook, but don’t have the time or the experience to do it? I can write it for you.
  • Writing Coaching — NaNoWriMo help a specialty.
  • Other Writing Needs – Let’s talk!

The Fine Print

  • All my rates are for remote work only.
  • I accept payment in advance for new clients or on a “50% to start, 50% on delivery” basis for regular clients.
  • I do charge extra for rush jobs.
  • I prefer PayPal.