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Legends of Tomorrow and Heroes from the Past Alan_scott-ross

Legends of Tomorrow and Heroes from the Past

Watching DC’S Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 inspired me to dig into the DC comic archives and revisit some of the characters’ histories. If you read comics for any length of time you’ll understand that characters change dramatically, and it’s easy to lose track of their origins and primary motivations. Of course, it’s easy to […]

Today’s Micro-Adventure

Question for the gallery…how long is your attention span nowadays? Shorter than it used to be, I’ll bet! Micro-fiction goes back into antiquity but seems a good choice for modern, highly-distracted readers. And if a momentary story is compelling enough, the reader will continue to think about it. That’s a writer’s payoff, long form or […]

What about Ophiuchus?

Every constellation has a story. Many of them represent myths from Greek and Roman Mythology. Ophiuchus always felt like an outsider constellation to me. I studied the stars as a child and I can’t remember ever hearing about “The Serpent Holder/Bearer, Ophiuchus.” Was he even there? He must have been…unless this is some sort of […]

Parallel Realities: An Easy Way To Fry Your Brain steve-collis-from-melbourne-australia-astronomical-clock_alt

Parallel Realities: An Easy Way To Fry Your Brain

Timeline Jumping and the Mandela Effect Disclaimer: you’re in no way obligated to believe anything in this post unless, of course, you want to. Then, by all means. I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, Time is never as obedient as you think it should be. It’s curvy and brain-buckling, changing speeds unexpectedly and […]

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