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Clarification for the newbies

Clarification for the newbies

It’s Christmas day and my new illustrated time-travel story, Anchor, is about to be released. I’m getting last minute details ready such as figuring out how to make Atomic-vodka jello shots and finding my rocket-shaped cookie-cutters for the book release party. I thought it might be a good time to explain why I write and […]

Happy 2018! Goddess_gif_small_12

Happy 2018!

Well, we’re here. I have no idea how we got here exactly, from my perspective it was just Halloween last night. Nevertheless, we’re arrived at a brand new, blank-slate, anything-can-happen, new year. I do love the new year…so many possibilities! And anything can happen. To quote Time Master, Rip Hunter (the TV version) — “Time […]

Book Review: The Best of Edmond Hamilton

If you’re a science fiction fan, especially with a taste for older works, you’ll enjoy reading Edmond Hamilton (1904 – 1977). I got my feet wet with his “Captain Future” stories, followed by the “Star Kings” and “Starwolf” series. If you’re new to Hamilton’s works this “best of” collection is a good place to start. […]

The Complex Psychology That Goes Into Winning A War Radio_operators_at_Mareeba_July_1944_AWM_067954 altered2

The Complex Psychology That Goes Into Winning A War

How many times have you woken up with a catchy tune stuck in your head? It’s like a phantom itch that drives you mad, at least until you find a way to get rid of it. We’ve all wondered how these odd tidbits get stuck in our heads and where they might have come from. […]

Artificial Intelligence 38 Years Before Skynet Automa_Manzetti_1840_dettaglio sm border

Artificial Intelligence 38 Years Before Skynet

If you think artificial intelligence, computer networking, and online marketplaces are new, think again. Seventy years ago, Americans were talking about them in their living rooms and around dining tables. How do I know? Because two pulp-era stories, one from 1946 and the other from 1950, describe amazingly-modern technology in great detail. Both tales are […]

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