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Solar System Quilt

Solar System Quilt

This is my creative inspiration for the morning – a Solar System Quilt created by Ellen Harding Baker in 1876.    According to various web sources – teacher, Ellen Harding Baker of Cedar County, Iowa, created this embroidered quilt in 1876 as a visual aid for her community astronomy lectures. It’s now part of the […]

How does an artist learn?

How does an artist learn?

We learn by studying our predecessors, not the subject matter, necessarily, but the techniques — light, color, sound. Whether that’s for words or pictures doesn’t really matter. We are the summation of our antecedents and when we enter into an artistic groove we consciously (or, more often, unconsciously) create something that feels similar to our […]

Book Signing at the Lewis County Historic Museum

The book signing season is upon me, that is to say, I have two new books and one 2nd edition, all heading out to public events within the next month or so. Tonight, I was at the Author’s Night at the Lewis County Museum in Chehalis. This was the second outing for Our George Washington […]

Preliminary Book Cover Designs

I’m very old school. Back in the day you never shared preliminary, or unfinished book artwork. Your art director or book publisher simply wouldn’t allow it. Today, of course, things are different. Everyone shares everything they can, especially works-in-process. To be completely honest, doing so gives me nervous knots. But that’s ridiculous. It’s time to […]

A New Space Opera is Born

Well, it’s a book! And not just any book but a novelette. Novelettes run in length between short stories and novellas, in other words, perfect bite-sized reading stories. They were a big hit back in the mid-twentieth century in the magazines. Anyway, it’s a book! And not just any book but an illustrated, pulp-style, space […]

Today’s Short Fiction Selections Girl Daydreaming

Today’s Short Fiction Selections

I finished up a new Drabble* this morning called, My Curse. It’s an allegory about events in my life right now. This brings my Drabble collection up to fourteen mini-stories, some with illustrations. There’s an unfinished fifteenth in my files called, The Great Retrograde Race. It’s about a championship cup race through the solar system […]

How To Be a Better Artist Sara selfie

How To Be a Better Artist

I try to draw something new every day. It may be linework or painting practice, or studying a new style of illustration. Many artists prefer to stay within their comfort zones, sticking to an art style that’s proven successful and easy for them. Not me! I like to challenge myself, it’s a great way to […]

From Fat Ponies to Rocketships Pony marker-test

From Fat Ponies to Rocketships

I’m a brick-and-mortar type of artist; I like non-digital tools for drawing and painting. So right now my desk is a disaster! It’s mess of pens, markers, pencils, tracing paper, and brushes. I keep knocking things to the floor when I’m working. It’s distracting! It’s always been that way for me. Even back in the […]

Common Answers to Questions I’m Asked While Urban Sketching Sara Sketching

Common Answers to Questions I’m Asked While Urban Sketching

Yes, that’s a real fountain pen. Yes! I do this all the time. I don’t know if I’m going to color it in until I’m near the end. Certainly you can draw, anyone can. I absolutely think you should try. I’d love to see your work. Me too, I’ve lots of art supplies that I […]

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