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Vintage Style

Vintage Style

I am very tardy in reporting the activities of this Summer & Fall. I shall now attempt to play catch up. Not an easy task as there’s so much to catch up with. Let’s start with vintage. In July, I embraced a 1940’s/1950’s vintage style. This coincided with (and was initially sparked by) attendance at […]

The results are in and I’m a winner!

…a contest winner, I mean. Haffner Press, a small press specializing in Pulp Fiction reprints, recently had a drawing for a new release — “The Watcher at the Door: The Early Kuttner Volume Two.” And I won! Today I received my prize. And here it is, still wrapped. Haffner Press does a deluxe job with […]

New Acquisitions

Everyone collects something. I collect stories. Not books, but stories…and sometimes illustrations too. My motivation in doing this is to learn. In Art classes I discovered the best way to study an accomplished artist is to copy their work, line by line. It sounds tedious, but it’s not. It’s really a fascinating study. Art is […]

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