Calling All Retro-Future Fans! The Moon Station Dome illustration by Andrey Sokolov

Calling All Retro-Future Fans!

Okay…I’m going to be honest with you, this blog’s not for everyone. Just people who like: SCIENCE SCIENCE FICTION SPIRITUALITY QUANTUM PHYSICS TIME ALIENS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TRANSHUMANISM CONSPIRACIES SEMANTICS GENETICS …and, of course, the Pulp Visionaries from the early to mid-20C.

The Complex Psychology That Goes Into Winning A War Radio_operators_at_Mareeba_July_1944_AWM_067954 altered2

The Complex Psychology That Goes Into Winning A War

How many times have you woken up with a catchy tune stuck in your head? It’s like a phantom itch that drives you mad, at least until you find a way to get rid of it. We’ve all wondered how these odd tidbits get stuck in our heads and where they might have come from. […]

Testing a spaceship sequence Spaceship sequence

Testing a spaceship sequence

This is an design sequence I’m working on as part of a promotion for my upcoming book release. It’s pretty simple at this stage but I thought I’d post it here, instead of at Flying Pony Studios blog, as all the book materials (and final artwork) will be shown through this website. To the stars! […]

Welcome web travelers! Sara in her favorite hat

Welcome web travelers!

Hey there! I’m Sara…a freelance writer from Centralia, WA. I write ad copy, blog posts, articles, book blurbs, and ebooks for hire. Want to know more? Click here. Curious about what I’ve written? Click here. I LOVE science fiction! And space opera from the old Pulp days makes my heart quiver. In this blog I […]

Genetically Engineered Martians…You’ve Been Warned! Illustration from Keep Out

Genetically Engineered Martians…You’ve Been Warned!

Genetically engineered humans living on Mars AND predisposed towards democracy. THIS…IS…NOT…A…JOKE. It’s from a recent article discussing the topic at some length. This means we’ve reached the point in history when we can realistically dialog about the creation of entirely new species through genetic engineering. Wow. This isn’t a new topic, of course. It’s been […]

Artificial Intelligence 38 Years Before Skynet Automa_Manzetti_1840_dettaglio sm border

Artificial Intelligence 38 Years Before Skynet

If you think artificial intelligence, computer networking, and online marketplaces are new, think again. Seventy years ago, Americans were talking about them in their living rooms and around dining tables. How do I know? Because two pulp-era stories, one from 1946 and the other from 1950, describe amazingly-modern technology in great detail. Both tales are […]

Visionaries from the Future: Science, Spirituality, & Space Opera Heavenly Shape2 Nick Russill 2005 border

Visionaries from the Future: Science, Spirituality, & Space Opera

Quantum Probabilities and the Future “If we attempt to attribute an objective meaning to the quantum state of a single system, curious paradoxes appear: quantum effects mimic not only instantaneous action-at-a-distance, but also…influence…future actions on past events, even after these events have been irrevocably recorded.” 123 – Asher Peres (1934-2005), quantum physicist. By this logic, […]

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