Heroines of Science Fiction & Fantasy

I’m pretty stubborn. I’ve been told that a lot. One of the things I’m stubborn about is that there are worthy heroines in Golden Age science fiction. Looking at those old pulp covers you’d never believe it, I know. But I’ve dug up some pretty interesting gals for my newest article on the Heroines of Science Fiction and Fantasy over at the PulpFest blog. Please join me for some woman-power from the old-school.

“A gorgeous girl in a colorful bullet bra, matching hot pants and calf-high boots. People believe that this girl of space, clinging to her hero’s muscular arm, is the only sort of heroine in pulp science fiction. This is false. The famous images that sold so many magazines show only one type of heroine. There are other sorts, too. And some of them, not even human.”

from “Heroines of Science Fiction and Fantasy” by Sara Light-Waller

For those of you that might be unfamiliar, here are a variety of pulp covers showing off the ever-popular bullet bra and hot pants/mini skirts combo.

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