Year: 2019

“An Astounding 90 Years” "Astounding Science-Fiction," March 1938

“An Astounding 90 Years”

When PulpFest’s blog editor asked me to write an article about Astounding/Analog’s 90th birthday I had only the slightest idea of what I’d be writing about. Oh sure, I knew the magazine and I knew that John W. Campbell, Jr. was a hugely important figure in the history of science fiction. He had an extraordinarily […]

Heroines of Science Fiction & Fantasy

Heroines of Science Fiction & Fantasy

I’m pretty stubborn. I’ve been told that a lot. One of the things I’m stubborn about is that there are worthy heroines in Golden Age science fiction. Looking at those old pulp covers you’d never believe it, I know. But I’ve dug up some pretty interesting gals for my newest article on the Heroines of […]

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