It’s All About Creativity – Tell The Damn Story

At PulpFest 2018, July 27-29 in Pittsburgh, PA.

To continue the story from yesterday…I met several other authors at PulpFest 2018 including – Christopher Paul Carey (author and editor at Paizo Publishing and who channels Edgar Rice Burroughs, I swear it!), Joab Steiglitz, and Chris Ryan. It was wonderful and intimidating introducing myself and starting conversations. Chris (a born New Yorker like myself) has a podcast called “Tell the Damn Story” which is about creativity. I was delighted to participate and the interview linked below is one of the best I’ve ever done. Chis asked excellent questions and I had a great time chatting with him. And the topic…well, who can beat that?

Author, Joab Steiglitz (left) and yours truly (middle), Chris Ryan (right) of Tell the Damn Story podcast.

Click this link to go to the Tell the Damn Story page then scroll down until you see the July 28th segment from PulpFest.

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