Interview on the Skirt and Words podcast

Back in the early Summer, my friend and fellow-author Denise Kawaii invited me to take part in her vidcast, Skirts and Words. I love doing radio/podcasts but this was my first vidcast. Oh, how I slumped! (My mother would be so ashamed.) Still, the company was great and the content is good. We discussed women in Science Fiction, a fun topic to be sure!

The taping took place before my vintage phase began in July, so you see me here as I am usually – casual to the extreme. LOL

The conversation is 30 minutes long and went by very quickly. I hope they have me back another time, I sure enjoyed it. 🙂

Enjoy Skirts and Words, Season 1 Episode 3 with Denise Kawaii and Vault Books and Brew owner, Jen Engkraf.

Listen here.

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