Happy 2018!


Goddess_gif_small_10Well, we’re here. I have no idea how we got here exactly, from my perspective it was just Halloween last night. Nevertheless, we’re arrived at a brand new, blank-slate, anything-can-happen, new year. I do love the new year…so many possibilities! And anything can happen. To quote Time Master, Rip Hunter (the TV version) — “Time is like cement. It takes a while to become permanent.”

So keep your eyes high and who knows what you’ll create in 2018. For me…well, you’ll see soon enough. Mysteries and adventures, for sure. Not just Landscape of Darkness (held over to be published after Christmas), but more stories after that.

It’s going to be grand.

To celebrate, I’ve shared some arty .gif gifts (LOL) from Sita Sings the Blues creator, Nina Paley.Goddess_gif_small_22 Nina has a wonderful sense of humor and a great deal of generosity. She put these up on her blog today with the comment — “Here are 24 individual goddess gifs to use for whatever. Free Culture. No permission needed. Go crazy. I love you.” I’ve only used a few here so check out the rest on her blog.

Thank you, Nina, for helping to get 2018 off to a rollicking good start!

And thanks to all of you for reading my blog. Goddess_gif_small_20Sharing ideas is what social media is all about and everyone’s voice is part of the chorus.

Hugs to all and happy new year! Goddess_gif_small_16

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