Happy New Year 2017

Public New Year card 2017It’s been an interesting 2016. Tonight (on the West Coast of the U.S.), we hold up a glass and bid it farewell.

I started out last year in Auckland, New Zealand. A few months later I bought a house. I discovered new friends in my new town, people I already treasure. I planted a garden and discovered new skills and talents. I learned a lot about myself.

And so the year ends on a tentatively, positive note. Tentatively, because I feel that I’m about to dive into many new things… 2017 things, not 2016 things. There’s a distinct feeling of difference between the two years, I can already tell that. Today, 2017 is a mystery. But tomorrow it starts being real. And that’s exciting and maybe, a little bit scary too.

And so here we are. Standing on the cusp of a change. I feel it for myself, the country, and for the world. We don’t know what gifts 2017 will bring to us. I know it’ll be challenging but ultimately worth the odds.

I don’t usually make resolutions, but I will make a prediction for myself. In 2017 I’ll face a deep fear and awaken from a long slumber. I can already see it happening.

May your new year bring you what you need, even if it’s just a new bag of bird seed.

Happy New Year everyone!

New Years Card, Copyright Sara Light-Waller, 2016-17

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