Today’s Short Fiction Selections

Girl Daydreaming

I fiGirl Daydreamingnished up a new Drabble* this morning called, My Curse. It’s an allegory about events in my life right now.

This brings my Drabble collection up to fourteen mini-stories, some with illustrations.

There’s an unfinished fifteenth in my files called, The Great Retrograde Race. It’s about a championship cup race through the solar system between an ion-thruster Waka and an solar-sailed Caravel. It’s got potential but my vision wasn’t clear enough when I started it a few months ago. Now, I can see glimmers of the race in my head, like an old newsreel starting up. I’m glad I waited…you can’t rush micro-fiction, there are too few words and impatience ruins them.

A Chapbook

When I get my drabble list up to twenty (that sounds like a good, round number), I’ll make a chapbook out of them and publish it.

I want to add a few more space stories anyway, I’ve already got three finished — Mars, Venus,  and Phobos — and the fourth is The Great Retrograde Race.

Microfiction Faerie Tale

The fifteen Drabbles are exclusive of A Patchwork Tale (Part I), which is made up of eight linked Drabbles that convey a cohesive story. It’s about Clockmaker, a young sorceress, who wants to get to Mars to find the Old Man who can save her family from a curse. Mars is the traditional home of the fairies, you see, and most of them live there now.

Many years ago, a great sailing Ship left Earth for Mars. That Ship was built by the Old Man and crewed by fairies. Clockmaker uses her wits and magic to get a birth aboard the second Ship sailing to Mars. At the end of Part I, the Ship leaves Earth and Clockmaker’s journey really begins.

A Patchwork Tale is illustrated with watercolor paintings and pen & ink drawings and done in the style of the old gift books from the 1920’s. Part I is already finished. Part Two is underway. This is a very special project for me and I look forward to its eventual release.


*Drabbles are 100-word stories, complete.

The drawing above is one of mine. If you share it please add – “Girl Daydreaming,” copyright, Sara Light-Waller, 2016. All Rights Reserved. Thank you.


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