Month: October 2016

The Problem with Prequels

The Doctor: Time can be rewritten! River Song: Not those times. Not one line! Don’t you dare! When writing a prequel story you already know how it must end. And you can’t change that outcome because future heroes are depending on you for their chance to succeed. Click To Tweet The short story I’m writing […]

Parallel Realities: An Easy Way To Fry Your Brain steve-collis-from-melbourne-australia-astronomical-clock_alt

Parallel Realities: An Easy Way To Fry Your Brain

Timeline Jumping and the Mandela Effect Disclaimer: you’re in no way obligated to believe anything in this post unless, of course, you want to. Then, by all means. I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, Time is never as obedient as you think it should be. It’s curvy and brain-buckling, changing speeds unexpectedly and […]

Today’s Short Fiction Selections Girl Daydreaming

Today’s Short Fiction Selections

I finished up a new Drabble* this morning called, My Curse. It’s an allegory about events in my life right now. This brings my Drabble collection up to fourteen mini-stories, some with illustrations. There’s an unfinished fifteenth in my files called, The Great Retrograde Race. It’s about a championship cup race through the solar system […]

How To Be a Better Artist Sara selfie

How To Be a Better Artist

I try to draw something new every day. It may be linework or painting practice, or studying a new style of illustration. Many artists prefer to stay within their comfort zones, sticking to an art style that’s proven successful and easy for them. Not me! I like to challenge myself, it’s a great way to […]

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