Calling All Retro-Future Fans!

The Moon Station Dome illustration by Andrey Sokolov

Okay…I’m going to be honest with you, this blog’s not for everyone.

Just people who like:

  • TIME

…and, of course, the Pulp Visionaries from the early to mid-20C.

Who are these Pulp Visionaries anyway?

I’m talking about science fThe Moon Station Dome illustration by Andrey Sokoloviction writers like Henry Kuttner, C. L. Moore, Murray Leinster, Fredric Brown, E.E. Doc Smith, L. Sprague De Camp and others who created a legacy of speculative science fiction that inspired generations. Writers who told stories that give us glimpses into a remarkably accurate future. Many of these writers, and certainly their stories, have been long forgotten. I dredge them up and bring them forward…for your consideration.

As I said before…this blog isn’t for everyone. But if you wonder about repeating cycles of trends in culture and society or you’re curious how something written back in the 1930’s or 40’s can predict science or culture in 2016…then you’ve parked at the right place.

Check out the posts…see what you think, leave comments.

It’s all good.

Most of all…have fun! Because that’s what it’s really all about.


Sara (Pulp Fiction historian)

P.S. I think I’ve ALMOST read through all of Henry Kuttner’s EXTENSIVE list of works. The ones I haven’t read, I just haven’t been able to get my hands on because some stories were only published ONCE in a pulp magazine back in the day and also because Kuttner and Moore used EIGHTEEN pseudonyms! (See below. And yes! I DO know about the Kuttner / Barnes collaborations as Kelvin Kent and as Arthur K. Barnes.)

  1. Edward J. Bellin
  2. Paul Edmonds
  3. Noel Gardner
  4. Will Garth
  5. James Hall
  6. Keith Hammond
  7. Hudson Hastings
  8. Peter Horn
  9. Kelvin Kent
  10. Robert O. Kenyon
  11. H. Kuttner
  12. Henry Kuttner, Jr.
  13. C. H. Liddell
  14. Scott Morgan
  15. Lawrence O’Donnell
  16. Lewis Padgett
  17. Woodrow Wilson Smith
  18. Charles Stoddard

P.P.S. And about Kuttner’s horror writing…it’s pretty darned scary so I haven’t read ALL of that yet either. But I will…eventually, I will.







    • I wasn’t familiar with it, Tom. But I’m glad to know about it. But…oh my, I can just tell it’ll be a TIME SINK! lol And you have to love those, you just get lost for hours. 😉


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