Month: September 2016

Pony marker-test

From Fat Ponies to Rocketships

I’m a brick-and-mortar type of artist; I like non-digital tools for drawing and painting. So right now my desk is a disaster! It’s mess of pens, markers, pencils, tracing paper, and brushes. I keep knocking things to the floor when I’m working. It’s distracting! It’s always been that way for me. Even back in the […]

Distressed Hands

Normalizing Fascism and the Loss of Civil Rights, from Dystopian Novel to Reality

“…The invisible webs of Comus [Communications U.S.], drawn taut and singing with tension as Prowlers policed the roads of the nation, sifting the population man by man through psycho-polling research. They kept the electronic computers humming day and night, straight around the clock.” Catherine Lucille (C.L.) Moore (1911-1987) wrote those words sixty years ago in […]

The Moon Station Dome illustration by Andrey Sokolov

Calling All Retro-Future Fans!

Okay…I’m going to be honest with you, this blog’s not for everyone. Just people who like: SCIENCE SCIENCE FICTION SPIRITUALITY QUANTUM PHYSICS TIME ALIENS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TRANSHUMANISM CONSPIRACIES SEMANTICS GENETICS …and, of course, the Pulp Visionaries from the early to mid-20C. Please follow and like us:

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