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Clarification for the newbies

It’s Christmas day and my new illustrated time-travel story, Anchor, is about to be released. I’m getting last minute details ready such as figuring out how to make Atomic-vodka jello shots and finding my rocket-shaped cookie-cutters for the book release party. I thought it might be a good time to explain why I write and […]

The Great Illusion illustration1b

“Conspiracy Theory” in 1930’s Science Fiction

UPDATE: When you’re dealing with long defunct magazines and house names of writers it can be difficult to determine who wrote what. Will Garth was one of the pseudonyms used by Henry Kuttner, it was also a house name used by the Thrilling group of pulp magazines: Thrilling Wonder Stories, Startling Stories,  Strange Stories, and […]

New Acquisitions

Everyone collects something. I collect stories. Not books, but stories…and sometimes illustrations too. My motivation in doing this is to learn. In Art classes I discovered the best way to study an accomplished artist is to copy their work, line by line. It sounds tedious, but it’s not. It’s really a fascinating study. Art is […]

Illustration from Keep Out

Genetically Engineered Martians…You’ve Been Warned!

Genetically engineered humans living on Mars AND predisposed towards democracy. THIS…IS…NOT…A…JOKE. It’s from a recent article discussing the topic at some length. This means we’ve reached the point in history when we can realistically dialog about the creation of entirely new species through genetic engineering. Wow. This isn’t a new topic, of course. It’s been […]

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