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Create, create, create…

Art is right brained

And it makes us happy, happy! But what about that nasty left brain…can we learn to not only work with it, but integrate it into our creative life? I can show you how. People say that using the non-dominant hand “keeps the brain active.” Actually, what’s happening is this that you are temporarily freeing yourself from linear behavior/thinking; you’re able to interact with the world in new ways.

Create with joy

Children of the sun, see your time has just begun, searching for your ways, through adventures every day. Every day and night, with the condor in flight, with all your friends in tow, you search for the Cities of Gold.

Color outside the lines

I never spend much time in school but I taught ladies plenty. It’s true I hire my body out for pay, hey hey. I’ve gotten burned over Cheryl Tiegs, blown up for Raquel Welch. But when I end up in the hay it’s only hay, hey hey. I might jump an open drawbridge, or Tarzan from a vine. ‘Cause I’m the unknown stuntman that makes Eastwood look so fine.

Get aligned

Hey there where ya goin’, not exactly knowin’, who says you have to call just one place home. He’s goin’ everywhere, B.J. McKay and his best friend Bear. He just keeps on movin’, ladies keep improvin’, every day is better than the last.

Learn to feel art

New dreams and better scenes, and best of all I don’t pay property tax. Rollin’ down to Dallas, who’s providin’ my palace, off to New Orleans or who knows where. Places new and ladies, too, I’m B.J. McKay and this is my best friend Bear.

Embrace the magic

Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless in a world of criminals who operate above the law.

In the first story, we see the nature of the Universe.

Sounds like a real quote, doesn’t it?

On Offer, we can all dance merrily


Classes for Writers

Understanding Writer’s Block and Other Left Brain Disasters


Classes for Visual Artists

Skills for the cross-over



Yes, these books will take you away

Yes, I’m ready to dance!

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Sara Light-Waller

Barnaby The Bear’s my name, never call me Jack or James

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What students are saying…

Yes, I’m ready to dance!

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